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PokerStars exclusive Millionaires Island Progressive Jackpot Slot

Many people dream about it, and some people actually achieve it; ‘’Becoming a millionaire while gambling or playing (online) lotteries’’. In 2017 alone, nine players accomplished this goal by playing at Pokerstars Casino. These nine players together took home a grand total of over 15 million dollars. Especially Pokerstars in-house build Millionaires Island Progressive Jackpot Slot realized a lot of millionaires that year.

A total of six players landed a Jackpot over 1 million dollars in 2017. On top of this there where many more massive winners from then until 2022. The biggest jackpot win was landed on 7/5/2021. On that date one lucky players won a massive $9,846,755. In addition to this many other won $2 million plus prizes in recent years. This shows everything is possible while playing at Pokerstars.

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Multi-Million-dollar winners at Pokerstars Casino

Since writing this article a lot more multi-million-dollar winners struck gold at Pokerstars Casino. You will find a lot, but not all of them, in the table below. As you can see a recent winner took home the biggest prize ever recorded at Pokerstars. This lucky winnen bagged a total of $9,846,755 on the game Deal or No Deal Megaways.

30/4/2021Deal Or No Deal Megaways$9,846,755
18/3/2020Millionaires Island$4,810,982.02
25/02/2019Stars Mega Spin Italy$2,648,910.44
11/11/2018Mega Fortune $4,050,455m
30/09/2018Mega Fortune $4,077,973.42
30/12/2017Stars Mega Spin$1,409,566.38
26/12/2017Millionaires Island$2,510,318.95
10/12/2017Arcade Bomb$1,879,437.02
04/11/2017Millionaires Island€1,517,256.34
27/07/2017Millionaires Island$1,348,812.57
26/07/2017Millionaires Island$2,439,369.27
24/02/2017Millionaires Island$1,368,821.28
22/02/2017Genie Jackpots$1,410,720.04
26/01/2017Millionaires Island$1,517,303.08

Biggest Jackpot Winner at Pokerstars Casino

Recently a player at Pokerstars took home the biggest win ever recorded at the online casino. The jackpot which the winner bagged was part of the Blueprint Jackpot King feature. This feature is available on a wide range of Blueprint gates of olympus demo. The Jackpot King feature features four progressive jackpots which can trigger at any moment. This time, the biggest jackpot landed while playing Deal or No Deal Megaways.

The lucky Pokerstars player that won the prize was playing with a bet of only €0,80. He converted this bet while playing in a total of €8,133,445.23 by landing the jackpot.  This again shows the huge potential of the Jackpot King jackpot system. This system is one of the most popular jackpot schemes and it paid out the most money to date.

”Many congratulations to the lucky individual who’s received the biggest ever prize from Jackpot King. This is a truly life-changing sum of money and we couldn’t be happier for the player!” Jo Purvis, Director of Key Accounts and Marketing UK at Blueprint Gaming.

How to win millions at Pokerstars Casino

Largest Millionaires Island Jackpot Win

One Pokerstars player had a really special Christmas time last year. This players actually won over 2,5 million dollars on the Millionaires Island slot by Pokerstars. This amazing Jackpot can really change lives! In total the Millionaires Island slot payed out almost 9 million dollars in Jackpots last year. Besides this Jackpot Slot the Stars Mega Spins, another Pokerstars in-house build slot, payed out a huge Jackpot of almost 1,5 million dollars. The other 1+ million Jackpot landed on the Genie Jackpot Slot ($1,3 million) and the Arcade Bomb Slot ($1,8 million). Check out the table below for numbers about all million dollar pay-outs last year!

Update: New Massive jackpot win on Millionaires Island

Recently a new all-time high jackpot win occurred on the Millionaire Island jackpot slot. The lucky players L**********2 won a grand total of $4.8 million by spinning the slot. The bet that triggered this massive jackpot was only $0.50 per spin. After the win the progressive jackpot got reset to the starting figure of $1 million waiting for the next million-dollar winner.

Over 200 new gates of olympus demo in December 22

Next to their two in-house build Jackpot slots Pokerstars has launched over 200 new gates of olympus demo in December 22. Because of this the casino is building up a very strong game portfolio. Because of this we really expect Pokerstars to grow in the coming years. More and more online gamblers will join Pokerstars, and not for Poker gates of olympus demo only. Pokerstars will become one of the one-stop shops for all kinds of gambling excitement.

“PokerStars Casino grew from strength to strength. The launch of two exclusive, in-house developed $1 million guaranteed jackpot slots gates of olympus demo in one year alongside the launch of over 150 new gates of olympus demo has created what we believe to be a very strong offering and a truly unique online gaming experience for our customers.” Bo Wänghammar Managing Director of PokerStars Casino.

Jackpot Games at Pokerstars Casino

At the moment you will find over 200 different Jackpot Slots at Pokerstars Casino. You won’t have to install any software to play these gates of olympus demo (instant play). Because of this you can start spinning your favourite Jackpot Slot right after making your first deposit. And during every spin you will have a chance of winning one of the many amazing Jackpots. Below you will find some of the most popular Jackpot Slots that are currently available to play at Pokerstars Casino;


Besides these titles Pokerstars offers 10+ other titles with fast increasing Jackpots. Visit the gaming lobby at Pokerstars Casino for a full overview of all the available Jackpot gates of olympus demo.

Tip; Use the filter in the gaming lobby to have a look at all the Slots that offer a Jackpot. You will find the filter in the top left on desktop.

How to win millions on a Jackpot or Progressive Slot?

When you are feeling lucky you could try to land a huge win on one of the available Jackpot slots. But how does this work? The principal behind Jackpot slots are fairly easy. Most of the Jackpot slots offer a progressive Jackpot prize. This Jackpot rises for every spin a players does. The more players bet, and the more they spin, the quicker the Jackpot increases. And while people are playing the Jackpot can be activated at a random moment. Most of the times a player wins the Jackpot after hitting a special Jackpot game which gives a small opportunity to win the real Jackpot. Players who bet with high stakes will have a bigger chance of winning the Jackpot. But it is not uncommon that players win with only a small bet between €0,25 and €1,00 per spin. Are you ready to win millions at Pokerstars? Then try your luck on one of the available gates of olympus demo!

My tips while playing Jackpot Slots

I think it is very exciting to play Jackpot slots. This is because you are constantly playing with the idea you can win millions of dollars. But of course there are also downsides while playing Jackpot slots. Below I will share some of my tips while playing Jackpots / Progressive Slots;

  • Don’t expect anything; The chance of winning an actual Jackpot is very small.
  • Try to play with small bets; Since the RTP of the regular game is probably low (since a part of your bet goes to the Jackpot) high bets will drain your budget very quickly.
  • Set a maximum budget; Set yourselves limits and stick to them. Since the chance of winning is very small you should only play for fun. I don’t recommend gambling with the purpose of winning money.
  • Multiple Jackpots; Some Progressive Jackpot gates of olympus demo offer multiple smaller Jackpots. This increases the chances of winning a nice prize. Although some prize are less then a million it is still nice to win these smaller Jackpots.
  • Mix it up; Try some different Jackpot gates of olympus demo. Maybe you are more lucky on one of the other Jackpot gates of olympus demo in the casino.
  • Don’t celebrate to early; Entering a Jackpot gates of olympus demo doesn’t always mean that you have one of the available Jackpots. Sometimes you just win some coins.


I think my tips really reveal it is good to stay clever and don’t spend too much money in the hunt for a Jackpot. Keep things fun and play for the excitement. Do you have any good tips regarding Jackpot Slots or Progressive gates of olympus demo? Let us know in a comment!

Biggest Wins on Jackpot Slots

There have been some epic wins on Jackpots slots since the beginning of online gambling. And I want to share some of those with you! A recent story is the story from Neil for Aberdeen. This guy won a 7,1 million (euro) Jackpot at Casumo. This amazing Jackpot appeared while he was playing the Hall of Gods Progressive Jackpot slot. And this is not all. There are more amazing stories!

Largest Jackpot Slot Win ever

Largest Jackpot Slot Win ever!

One of those stories is the story of Jon Heywood from the United Kingdom. This guy won a record breaking €17,879,645 ($20,062,600) on the Mega Moolah Jackpot Slot while playing at Betway! This win appeared on the 6th of October in 2015. A day this British serviceman who just came back from Afghan will not quickly forget. This Jackpot win is now shown in the Guinness Book of World Record as largest online jackpot payout ever. And you know what’s crazy? Jon was only betting with a 25 pence bet! Jon has vowed to spend the money on his sick father.

Another Amazing Progressive Jackpot Win

The year 2015 was good for some online gamblers. An unknown Finnish players won a total of €17,860,868 while playing at PAF online casino. This amazing Jackpot win appeared on the Mega Fortune slot by NetEnt. With his 17,8 million euro win this Finnish player has won the second largest online jackpot ever.

Another Mega Moolah Jackpot Win

Although this Jackpot isn’t that crazy as the top two, this is still a life changing Jackpot. Goodwin from Canada won a grand total of $11,633,898. This amazing Jackpot appeared on the earlier mentioned Mega Moolah slot by Microgaming.

Want to check out some more great stories? On you will find an overview with the Top 10 Highest Online Jackpot Slot Wins.

Get a warm welcome at Pokerstars Casino

All new players can get a warm welcome at Pokerstars Casino. Open Pokerstars!

PokerStars Online Casino

While playing at PokerStars Casino you can decide to download the PokerStars Casino Software or to play in the Instant Casino. After downloading the casino software you can play the full range of casino gates of olympus demo including the Poker Games and Sports Book. While playing in the Online Casino (Instant Play) you can only play a selection of the total amount of gates of olympus demo. When you want to get access the full amount of gates of olympus demo we recommend downloading and installing the PokerStars software. Which can be done in just a few minutes. When you like to play some of the more common Slots, Table Games and Live Casino Games you can also enjoy yourself in the Instant Casino. This required no software and can be entered from any device. Good luck and have fun in the casino!

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