Going to a land-based casino is pretty easy. You leave your house and you visit the nearest land-based casino. After entering the casino you change some money for casino chips or you can insert money in a slot machine or other gambling machine. Now you are ready to start playing casino gates of olympus demo and video slot gates of olympus demo. If you have problems or questions about a certain game you can contact an employee of the casino. You can also read the instructions on the machine or you can ask a dealer behind a table. It is a bit harder to explore online casinos because there are no employees available to help you out. We want to help you out before you start playing at online casinos. We added a number of simple tutorials to our website and every week we add new tutorials.

In our tutorials we try to explain the most common things you face when you join and get started at an online casino. We use simple steps and videos to guide you through the tutorial subject.


We already added over 50 different tutorials and every week we add new ones. Of course some of the tutorials are more popular than others. Underneath you find the 3 most read tutorials by our visitors.

video slot strategy winning chances

Video Slot Strategy – Increase your chances of winning with Slots
In this tutorial you find a strategy that can help you increase your chances of winning at online video slot gates of olympus demo. Of course there is no 100% guarantee that you will win. But with this strategy you can increase your chances with a huge percentage. And this strategy will also increase the amount of fun you are going to have at online casinos. Make your gambling at video slots more fun with the tips from our experts. Follow the simple tips and tricks and maybe you are the next winner.

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sports betting for beginners

Sports Betting Tips for beginners
Almost everybody loves sports. Doing sports or watching sports are very popular across the world. At every corner of the world people are involved in sports. And major events like the World Cups, Ryder Cup, Champions league, Premier league, Tennis Grand Slams, NBA and many more events are broadcasted live on TV screens across the world. Sports events are also known because of the betting options. I think 90% of the sports lovers around the world placed a bet on an event at least once. Sports betting is super popular and everybody can do it online or offline. In our sports betting tips for beginners tutorial you find a few tips and tricks that help you to increase your winning chances.

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check online casino safe and reliable

How to check if an online casino is safe and reliable?
New Online casinos are opening every week. But how can you check or see if a new casino is safe and reliable. On our website you only find casinos that are safe, but on the internet there are a lot of casinos that are rogue and blacklisted. Those casinos don’t have a fair play policy or they have unreliable bonus terms. We made an easy safety check tutorial for you.

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For a lot of people around the world it is easy to play at online casinos. But there are even more people who never played at an online casino before. For those people we write start up tutorials and step by step video tutorials. On our website you find guides from sign up at an online casino to withdrawing your winnings. When an online casino is player friendly you probably not need our tutorials. Good casinos offer easy navigation and they offer Frequently Asked Questions for their players. The casinos do not offer tips and tricks for increasing your winnings. Our tutorials do have tips and tricks for different kinds of gates of olympus demo.

On our website you find tutorials for every kind of player. We write tutorials for new players, regular players and players who want to play with high stakes.


  • Video guides
    If possible we always add a video guide in to the tutorial. Video is an easy way to see exactly what we do and how things work. We always try to add a video of the tutorial when we make a step by step guide about a certain subject.

  • Step by Step guides from casino experts
    All the members of our team are reliable and regular online casino players. The members all have over 10 years of experience in the online casino industry. I guess they have seen over 100 different online casinos already. And they reviewed over 1.000 different casino bonuses.

  • Simple words
    In the tutorials you only find simple words. We do not use hard terms or busines terms. We want to make things easy and simple for you so we only use words you understand.


When we add a new tutorial with a video we add the video to our youtube channel. On this youtube channel you find game reviews, business trips, big wins, jackpot wins, tutorials and game guides. Don’t miss any of the new videos and follow our youtube channel.

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There are a few step by step guides on our website that are very popular by our visitors. We added these guides to the menu and to the sidebar of our website. A lot of visitors told us that they love the guides and they think they are very usefull. The underneath posts are the most popular onces according to our visitors

  1. How does a casino bonus work? – Read all about different casino bonuses and wagering
  2. What is wagering at online casinos? – All info about bonus wagering
  3. How to choose an online casino? – Step by step guide to your perfect casino
  4. What are the best Sports betting bonuses? – Read extended information about sports betting bonuses
  5. Can I win money with free spins? – Use free spins and win real money


We try to add as many tutorials as possible. With the tutorials we try to explain every aspect of online gaming, gates of olympus demo, bonuses and online casinos. Of course it is impossible to write a step by step tutorial for every small thing. So it is possible that you miss a certain guide or tutorial. Please contact us when you miss a guide so we can add this one with our team.


Underneath you find a selection of the latest added tutorials.

Best Christmas Slots 2022 – 12 X-mas themed slots to get in the Holiday mood

Who doesn’t enjoy the Christmas days? People don’t refer to the Christmas time as the ‘’most wonderful time of the year’’ without a reason. Christmas is connected to many positive things including having lovely dinners, seeing friends and family, and enjoying gifts. Most people also have more free time during the Christmas time which makes ..

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Arbitrage Betting & Sure Bets – A Complete Guide on How to use this sports betting strategy

If you’ve already heard about arbitrage betting, you might think that it’s too good to be true. But this sports betting strategy, whose name is borrowed from the world of finance, really does work. The idea is to play bookmakers off against each other, creating a situation where you make a guaranteed profit. It’s perfectly ..

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What Is Early Cashout in Sports Betting?

The origins of early cashout date back to 2011 and the industry’s first successful betting exchange. Inextricably linked with live betting, cashing out early is very popular with a section of the sports betting community. But what exactly does it involve? And should you take advantage and incorporate it into your own strategy? We’ll answer ..

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Best Betting Strategies to Improve Your Results – Our Top 9

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at some of the best betting strategies. Perhaps you’re a complete beginner just getting started and looking for advice. Or maybe you’ve already got the basics down but you’re trying to improve your results. Whatever your situation, this article should help you to increase your long-term ..

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Should I use a casino bonus or not?

On the internet you find hundreds of different online casinos. All of them offer welcome bonuses, reload bonuses and other kind of bonuses. They use bonuses to trigger you to join their casino. When I started to get more interest in the online casino industry I asked myself the following question “Should I use a ..

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Deposit at online casino – Full depositing guide

Since the early 2000’s it is possible to play casino gates of olympus demo online. Where we used to go to land-based casinos or arcade rooms it is now possible to play allmost every thinkable casino game on the internet. When you search google.com for online casinos you will get millions of different search results. On the internet ..

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How to sign up at an online casino (video)

On our website you find a lot of different tutorials about online casinos, casino bonuses and casino gates of olympus demo. In this tutorial I am going to explain you how to sign up at an online casino. On the internet you find hundreds of different online casinos. They all have one thing in common. At all the ..

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How to choose an online casino

If you search for online casinos on the internet you get totally confused because there are tons of them available. Every month there are new online casinos opening their online doors. And we understand it when you don’t know how to choose an online casino from the available ones. It is important to know what ..

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Are online casinos reliable?

Ask random people on the street about casinos and online casinos. Or when you talk about online casinos with friends or family, they all ask you about the reliability. Are Online casinos reliable? This is probably the most important question when people talk about slot machines and online casino gates of olympus demo. We did a bit of ..

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Must do at online Casinos

Online gambling is getting more and more popular. Land-Based casinos are very popular but online casinos are starting to win the battle. More people are starting to trust online casinos. Playing at an online casino is much easier than playing at a land-based casino. You don’t have to travel to a casino and you can ..

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